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Museum Visit: A Color, Punch Out, and Play Set


You can create your own museum experience with this color, punch out, and play set. Display paintings, statues, jewels, armor, art objects, and a natural history exhibit of corals and shells. Design your own tour, and invite your friends to com to an opening!

This boxed set features:

  • A folding play "stage set" with three 16 × 12 in. gallery scenes to color.
  • 8 cardstock pages of colorable collectibles, armor, statues, jewels, paintings and more. There are even some empty picture frames so you can create your own miniature masterpieces!
  • 4-page booklet with illustrated instructions. The booklet includes information about "wonder rooms" and the history of museums. It answers the questions "What is a curator?" and "How does one curate a museum exhibition?"
Illustrated box measures 12¾ × 8¾ × 1½ in.