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Fabric and Leather Tote, handmade from Tanzania: Mustard


Bogolan textiles (sometimes called mudcloth) or “bogolanfini,” is Bamakan for “cloth made of earth”.  In origin, the mud cloths of Mali are protective garments - their striking arrangements are designed to confuse and cast-out harmful spirits. The designs are characterized by geometric patterns rendered in richly textured black, brown and yellow fabrics.

These carry-all totes are made from hand-dyed and printed folk fabrics, Tanzanian-produced leather, safari-grade canvas lining and customized brass hardware, by skilled craftswomen in Tanzania.  A portion of each sale is returned to African classrooms for school supplies.

The bags feature a total of four inside pockets including one suitable for a tablet or laptop, and a full zip top closure. Bag falls about  9 1/2 inches from the top of the handle. Bag measures 13 1/2 inch x 16 inch x 3 inch.

Because each purse is handmade, items may vary from those depicted.