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"Two Grey Hills" Navajo weaving, by Andy Williams


This wool rug was made by Navajo weaver Andy Williams. The designs at each corner represent the four sacred mountains, surrounding the wedding basket motif in the center. Different colors of yarn are created through careful dividing, or carding, of the natural wool fibers. The intricate symmetrical patterns and colors reflect the Navajo concept of Hózhó, the sacred beauty and balance between the human, natural, and spirit worlds.

100% wool, measures 22” × 36”.

Given Dr. Barnes's belief in the power and importance of the aesthetic principles of light, line, color, and form, it is easy to see why he incorporated textiles into his growing collection. The intricate patterns and shapes woven into tapestries and fabrics are a perfect complement to the lines, colors, and forms echoed in art of all mediums arranged on the gallery walls. Dr. Barnes collected Navajo rugs, as well as other items from the Navajo, Zuni and Apache tribes during a tour of New Mexico during the winter of 1929-1930.