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Naja pendant


In the Diné (Navajo) tradition, the crescent-shaped naja is a protective symbol. Found on bridals to protect horse and rider, the naja is a Moorish symbol the Diné adopted from Spanish silversmiths. Designed by contemporary artisan Chimney Butte, this naja features a prominent turquoise stone encapsulated by sterling silver. Pair the naja pendant with the Desert pearl necklace.

On a tour of New Mexico in the winter of 1929-1930, Dr. Barnes acquired a large number of turquoise and silver jewelry pieces. These pieces are on display in the galleries alongside paintings and other objects. As with all his purchases, he chose pieces according to the principles of light, line, color, and form. 

About the artisan: 

Chimney Butte is a Navajo artisan who specializes in traditional silversmith techniques. Our retail collection of Native American jewelry is from the southwest, where the same artistic traditions Dr. Barnes admired continue in jewelry-making practices today. You can enjoy the beauty and grace of this timeless style with pieces made by contemporary designers working in long-held traditions. 


  • Sterling silver 
  • Turquoise stone
  • Necklace chain sold separately