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Apostrophe Puzzles: Island Hopping


Apostrophe Puzzles co-founders Mandi and Dante believe that art appreciation and patronage should be accessible to all. Their collection of puzzles provides a platform for contemporary artists of color to showcase their work, and reach an audience of puzzle enthusiasts, and art lovers alike.

Each puzzle features a vivid reproduction and includes a short artist bio and statement on the box. Take some time to unplug and restore your creative mind with an Apostrophe Puzzle.

Island Hopping is a painting by self-taught contemporary artist Marianne Angeli Rodriguez featuring colorful botanical motifs. Rodriguez creates warm, vibrant, and richly symbolic abstract paintings. Inspired by her many years living abroad in West Africa, Central America, Europe, and Asia, her bright, textural work reflects the global influences of her travels.

1000-piece puzzle measures 24 x 24 inches when assembled. Browse the full selection of Apostrophe Puzzles here.