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Barnes Candles and Matches


We've curated delightful aromas in these candles to add a new dimension to your enjoyment of favorite paintings in the Barnes collection. Each candle comes with a matching box of safety matches as a set. Choose from these six designs:

  • "Woodland Romp" (The Large Bathers, by Paul Cezanne) is infused with the woodsy scent of cedarwood and leather with hints of citrus and amber.
  • "Deep Lagoon" (The Studio Boat, by Claude Monet) has a delightful light floral aroma of green tea with lemon and hydrangea flowers.
  • "Rose Trellis" (Roses, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir) will transport you to a rose garden with its heavenly floral scent.
  • "Summer Garden" (In Brittany, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir) has the aroma of soft peony petals, gardenia and rose.
  • "Powder and Parasols" (Models, by Georges Seurat) will remind you of scented talcum powder with its warm spices, orange peel, ginger, and a hint of bergamot.
  • "Wildflower Bouquet" (Still Life, by Vincent Van Gogh) combines the scents of violet flowers and jasmine with fresh citrus.

Candles: 10 oz. of 100% clean-burning soy wax with cotton wick. Approximate burning time is 65-80 hours. Hand poured in nearby Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Comes in a frosted glass jar, with silver lid to keep the candle fresh when not in use.

Matches: Approximately 50 wooden safety matches per box, 4 in. (10.16 cm) long. With a decorative detail of the painting and the artist's signature on the front, and a full image of the painting along with information about it on the back.