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Barnes Flowers and Plants Sticky Notes


In 1945, Dr. Barnes wrote, "More people like flowers, and are more interested in flowers, than they are in pictures."

This folio contains 250 sticky notes (50 each of 5 different designs). Each note is printed with an image of flowers from the Barnes collection. Included in this collection are:

  • Still Life (Nature morte), by Vincent van Gogh, 1888
  • Flowers (Fleurs), by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, c. 1885
  • Terracotta Pots and Flowers (Pots en terre cuite et fleurs), by Paul Cézanne, 1891-1892
  • Tulips and Peonies in Pitcher, by William Glackens, c. 1914-1915
  • Bouquet of Flowers with China Asters and Tokyos (Bouquet de fleurs aux reines-marguerites et aux tokyos), by Henri Rousseau, 1910