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Barnes Matchboxes


Compliment your favorite Barnes candle with one of our custom matchboxes. Choose from six styles, each featuring a painting detail and the artist's signature along with full painting information.

Each box contains approximately 50 wooden safety matches and measures 4.25" in length by 2.5" wide and 0.75" tall.

Options include:

The Studio Boat, by Claude Monet (pairs with our Deep Lagoon candle).

Models, by Georges Seurat (pairs with our Powder and Parasols candle).

Roses, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (pairs with our Rose Trellis candle).

In Brittany, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (pairs with our Summer Garden candle).

Still Life, by Vincent Van Gogh (pairs with our Wildflower Bouquet candle).

The Large Bathers, by Paul Cezanne (pairs with our Woodland Romp candle.