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Bookmark: Van Gogh's "The Postman"


Joseph-Étienne Roulin was a letter carrier and a close friend of Van Gogh's in Arles, France, as well as an important subject of the artist's paintings. Between July, 1888, and April, 1889, Van Gogh painted six portraits of Roulin, as well as several of the postman's wife and children. In this painting The Postman, van Gogh combines the naturalism of his sitter's weather-beaten face with a more decorative approach to the wallpapered background. 

This metal bookmark is made in the USA, and features a blue tassel. Packaged in a protective plastic sleeve, with illustrated information card. Not including the tassel, the bookmark measures 1-5/16 × 3 in. (3.3 × 7.6 cm.) The package measures 2½ × 7¾ in. (6.3 × 19.7 cm.)