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Lilja button earrings


Jade and gold tones create a stunning statement earring to match the Lilja necklace and dragonfly ring

Based in Louisiana, Grandmother's Buttons uses repurposed buttons and glasswork into her jewelry that anyone would love to be gifted. These earrings are made with glass buttons from mid-century Japan.

Measure about 2 ¼ inches long.

About the maker, Grandmother’s Buttons: Susan Davis founded her jewelry company in 1985 after being inspired by a jet glass button among her grandmother’s collection. She later sourced countless buttons and findings and designed custom settings to properly showcase each button used in her line. Every Grandmother’s Buttons piece is handmade in Louisiana by a small team working to highlight the craftsmanship and meticulous charm of antique jewelry and glass, and to create heirlooms for the next generation.