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Maurice Brazil Prendergast Notecard Folio


Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Maurice Brazil Prendergast moved with his family to Boston when his father’s subarctic trading post failed. Passionate about art from an early age, Prendergast (1858–1924) left school early and went to work for a commercial art firm. With the support and encouragement of his brother Charles, he studied art in Paris and Venice, absorbing the influences of post-impressionist painters such as Pierre Bonnard, Édouard Vuillard, and Paul Cézanne. Back in the United States, he spent much of his career in New England and in New York City, where he associated with the group of painters known as The Eight, even though his style did not truly align with the overarching philosophy of this diverse group. Prendergast delighted in creating sunny outdoor scenes of people at leisure, often in parks or on beaches or city streets. His richly hued paintings, with their delicate brushwork, flat areas of color, and rhythmic arrangements of forms, are often described as resembling mosaics or tapestries.

Card selection features two Prendergast scenes found in the Barnes Foundation: Gloucester Harbor, c. 1912, and Idyl, c. 1912-1915. Includes 10 cards (5 each of 2 designs) with envelopes in a decorative folio. 7 in. x 5 in. Printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper.