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Small round mosaic box


The round mosaic boxes are crafted with expert care from walnut wood for an exquisite finish. Each box is hand-inlaid with a wooden mosaic to create an eye-catching pattern.

Available in:

  • Flower: walnut, inlaid with wood-mosaic
  • Sun: walnut, inlaid with black mother of pearl
  • Star: walnut, inlaid with wood-mosaic

About the artisan:

The artisans craft each wooden piece using age-old methods from Damascus, Jordan. Made from walnut, olive, eucalyptus, cherry, lemon, rose woods, and mother-of-pearl, the hand-inlaid pieces are a beautiful reflection of traditional craftsmanship.


  • Measures 1.7 inches high and 2 inches in diameter
  • Made in Jordan
  • Avoid exposure to liquids