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Tatouage Temporary Tattoos & Art Prints


Adorn your skin with these beautiful temporary tattoos inspired by the animal kingdom (Wild), and the botanical world (Blossom). Each folio features over 100 temporary tattoos ranging in size from under an inch to three or four inches. Each folio also includes a keepsake book of art prints of the same images for you to enjoy even after using the tattoos. Tattoos are non-toxic and transfer easily, leaving a vibrant design that will last a few days. When tattoo begins to fade, it can be removed easily with baby oil. 

Wild contains over 100 full color images of birds (various species identified in the book), insects, fish, coral, jellyfish and lizards. Blossom contains both full color, and black and white images of flowers and plants.

Suitable for ages 14+. Illustrations by Victoria Foster (Blossom) and Lucille Clerc (Wild). Folio measures 8½ × 5¾ in. (21.59 × 14.6 cm).