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Virgil Ortiz VO shooter


A collection of pottery pieces from world-renowned artist Virgil Ortiz enthralled audiences at the Barnes' Water, Wind, Breath exhibition. Known for his sci-fi and apocalyptic take on traditional Cochiti pottery, his works of art tell a story of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt and Ortiz's contemporary reclamation of Native culture. Now, art lovers can take home a piece of Ortiz's masterpieces with a limited collection of textiles and barware. Choose from two striking designs. 

Available in: 

  • Wild Spinach: Wild spinach is integral to Virgil Ortiz's creative process - locals harvest the plant in the Native American southwest and boil it down to create a black dye for clay pottery. This shooter glass features a stylized motif of the wild spinach plant. 
  • Translator: Virgil Ortiz's ensemble of futuristic sci-fi characters includes the Translator, Commander of the Spirit World Army. This shooter glass features an illustrated depiction of the Translator. 

About the artisan: 

Virgil Ortiz's craft combines art, décor, fashion, video, and film. Ortiz learned the art of Pueblo pottery from his mother and grandmother. He keeps Cochiti pottery traditions alive and transforms them into a contemporary vision that embraces his Pueblo history and culture. His work merges tradition with apocalyptic themes, science fiction, and his own storytelling. One of the most innovative potters of his time, Ortiz’s exquisite works have been exhibited in museum collections around the world. 


  • 3 x 2 inches 
  • Made in Native America