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Apostrophe Puzzles: Playing with the Past


Take some time to unplug and restore your creative mind with an Apostrophe Puzzle. Each puzzle features a vivid reproduction and includes a short artist bio and statement on the box.

Playing with the Past is a painting by Chicago-based painter and muralist Liz Flores. Her work experiments with the ways in which the human condition—with its interplay between emotion and memory—can be represented abstractly. She engages everyday human experience and the female body by using shape, color and the human form as a mode of visual storytelling.

About the Artisan:

Mandi Masden founded Apostrophe Puzzles with three goals: to offer an interactive way to engage with fine art, celebrate the work of artists of color, and make art culture accessible and inclusive. Apostrophe puzzles uplift artwork by people of color and are made with recycled, eco-friendly materials. 


  • 1000-piece puzzle
  • 19 x 26 inches, assembled