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Barnes x Simpson & Vail tea


Enjoy a sensory experience with our selection of loose-leaf teas from this collaboration between the Barnes Foundation and Simpson & Vail Teas. Custom-blended in Connecticut, all are inspired by paintings at the Barnes Foundation: Impressionist Breakfast takes it cue from Claude Monet’s The Studio Boat; Lemon Bouquet from Van Gogh’s Still Life, Jungle Superfruit is inspired by Henri Rousseau’s Monkeys and Parrot in the Virgin Forest, Harvest Still Life based on Paul Cezanne’s Apples and Cloth and Citrus Seascape is founded upon the spirit of Henri Edmond Cross’ Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean.

Available in:

    • Jungle Superfruit: Bright blend with sweet, aromatic tropical notes
    • Lemon Bouquet: Fragrant, lively blend with notes of lemon and lavender
    • Impressionist Breakfast: Aromatic notes of ginger, lemon and peppermint with a touch of bergamot.
    • Citrus Seascape: Botanical blend with refreshing notes of citrus and mint.
    • Harvest Still Life: Comforting blend with earthy notes of apple and rosehips.


  • Barnes Exclusive
  • Blended by Simpson & Vail in Connecticut
  • 4 oz. tin, 50 servings