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Birds in the Barnes Foundation


Rumor has it that Dr. Barnes put a bird in every room of his famed collection. But is this really true, and if so, why?

This book offers a playful room-by-room "bird-watching" guide to the Barnes Foundation collection. Interspersed among the notable greats in the Barnes is a different kind of collection that incorporates folk art, pottery, furniture, and ironwork from cultures around the world. The instructional collection is built around a philosophy of individual interpretation, and following the birds from one room to another offers you an accessible starting point for uncovering the educational methods Dr. Barnes used to encourage students to look at art. This lighthearted tour weaves art, history, and lessons on the collection into a delightful search for birds hiding in each room.

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Hardcover, 160 pages. Cover measures 8 x 8 inches.