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PRE-ORDER Blackwing x Museum Store Sunday pencil set


The iconic Blackwing pencil was the tool of choice for award-winning creatives throughout the 20th century. Blackwing and Museum Store Sunday have teamed up to create a special edition set of pencils to celebrate Museum Store Sunday’s mission and encourage visitors to “Be a Patron” of these cultural institutions year-round.

Boxed set includes 12 glossy white and blue colorblock Blackwing pencils with "Blackwing x Museum Store Sunday" imprint in white. We chose Blackwing's classic firm graphite along with a white eraser and silver ferrule and eraser clip.

Due to shipping delays the Blackwing x Museum Store Sunday pencil set will ship the week of December 13th, a bit later than expected. If you have placed an order please rest assured that it has been received and will ship as soon as possible. We appreciate your support of the Barnes Shop and Museum Store Sunday!