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Mr. Owliver's Magic at the Museum


This book is designed to introduce children to some famous masterpieces while entertaining the adult reader with visual puns. 

Mr. Owliver loves his job as night watchman for the Animaltown Art Museum, partly because he is an owl and is up at night anyway, but mostly because he is proud to protect such beautiful works of art. His friends think he must be lonely, but he has the company of all the subjects in the paintings. One in particular, the lovely Ms. Wren in Auguste Wrenoir’s The Loge, is his favorite. One night on his birthday he has a feeling things aren't as they should be. That is when he makes a startling discovery that begins a night full of surprises. This is definitely a birthday Mr. Owliver will never forget! 

Hardcover, 40 pages. Cover measures 8 x 11 inches.