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Onyx tarot deck


Designer Sugar Taylor created each image found in the Onyx tarot deck for a more inclusive tarot reading experience. Taylor combined her illustrations with the photography of Erika Layne to bring an afro-futuristic style to her deck.

About the Artisan:

Sugar Taylor is a multi-faceted artist specializing in fine art, textile, graphic, and packaging design. Taylor owns and operates the Maryland-based lifestyle brand, When in Roam. When in Roam showcases a selection of her custom textiles, prints, and specialty items. With Sugar Taylor's versatility and creative vision, she brings ideas to life with bold and colorful designs.


  • 78 cards
  • Includes a reference book with the meanings of each card
  • Thick, painted edge cards with a smudge resistant gloss and neon foil design features on the back.