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Rogue Art History game


Flex your art history expertise by answering trivia and “collecting” famous works of art. This game covers 30,000 years of art history and is an excellent way for players to test their knowledge.  

Along the way, players can answer questions, protect their artwork from getting stolen, and sabotage other players. Trivia questions are multiple-choice, and the difficulty level varies (ranging, for example, from “What subject is Degas famous for painting?” to “How many pet chow chows did Georgia Okeeffe own during her lifetime?”). Funny, playfully irreverent, and a little absurd, this game dispels the myth that art and art history are only for stuffy intellectuals. It’s welcoming for all players, from Ph.D. holders to curious high schoolers just starting to learn about the classics.


  • 300 Trivia Cards, 45 Artwork Cards, and 36 Rogue Scholar Cards 
  • Instruction sheet
  • Ages 14+, 4 to 6 players