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Leather Origin necklace


The leather Origin necklace combines delicate glass beads with layers of hand-carved coconut wood and a tasteful leather collar. Inspired by their Tanzanian community's traditional beadwork, women from the Maasai community crafted this modern design.

About the artisan:

The Maasai community in Tanzania is renowned for intricate jewelry work. Sidai Designs strives to preserve beadwork traditions by combining the time-honored tradition of Maasai beading with modern designs. The thoughtful and timeless pieces increase the beadwork's global demand and foster a sustainable economy for Maasai women. Handcrafted with quality materials in limited batches, Sidai Designs provides exceptional jewelry.


  • Glass beads, coconut palm wood, and leather panels
  • Adjustable beaded closure
  • Measures 20 inches