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Pembetatu Zebra hoop earrings


These statement earrings derives it's inspiration from the zebra's bold stripes. The Pembetatu Zebra hoop earrings are layered with cream, crimson, and gold beading to create a lively effect.

About the artisan:

The Maasai community in Tanzania is renowned for intricate jewelry work. Sidai Designs strives to preserve beadwork traditions by combining the time-honored tradition of Maasai beading with modern designs. The thoughtful and timeless pieces increase the beadwork's global demand and foster a sustainable economy for Maasai women. Handcrafted with quality materials in limited batches, Sidai Designs provides exceptional jewelry.


  • 14K gold-filled hoops
  • Hand-beaded tassels made with glass beads and 24K gold-plated beads
  • Hoops measure 0.625 inches in diameter
  • Tassels measure 2.5 inches in length